Extensive research conducted by The University of Sydney, Australia has found that a consistent core body temperature is crucial for a good night’s sleep. The chart below shows alpaca fibre to be the standout leader in providing effective thermoregulation.

The Uneke

Scotch Alpaca fibre

Scoured / Unscoured
Micron: Average 28(common)
Other Micron: <18, 18-21, 21-23, 23-25, 22-24, 24-28, &gt; 28
Fibre length: 80 to 150 mm(long) / < 80 mm(short).
VM(vegetable matter): < 2%
Colour: White, Brown, Fawn, Black, Grey, Mixed, Grey Mixed
Species: Huacaya / Suri
Delivery: Ex-farm gate
Packing: 100-135 kgs/Bale(compress)
Lead time: 4 weeks*
Payment: TT in advance with order 
Capacity: 35 ton/year*
Certification: AWTA(Australian Wool Testing Authority)
Sample: 300 grams of each colours.

* depend on seasons/stock.

Price upon request.