Scotch Fibre, a division of Scotch Group Pty Ltd are renowned as the leading Australian alpaca breeders, certified classer (1 of only 4 in Australia) and processors of high-quality and all-natural, genuine Australian alpaca fibres.

Specialising in both the Huacaya Alpaca and the Suri Alpaca; these different species offer unique fibre characteristics which when combined, offer a wider choice and higher grade of quality; unlike other suppliers in the market.

Scotch Group remains steadfast in their mission to provide yarn mills with exceptional calibre and precise parameters:

  • Consistency in micron, length, colours and cleanliness (minimal VM and stains)
  • Pleasant scent
  • Minimal guard hair / overtight ringlets
  • Reduce stoppage, waste and breakage
  • Minimise production costs and time
  • Increased fibre yield
  • Improved dyeing performance

These guidelines ensure an unrelenting commitment to providing the utmost in quality and workmanship; for use in bedding, carpet and insulation as well as various textile industries.

“Fibre from Scotch Group is delivered to the exact parameters that I require every time and is hassle-free” 

Richard Beere – Wool Technologies

Australian owned and farmed by alpaca breeders

At Scotch Group, we single-handedly oversee the entire creation process from breeding and farming through to design and development of an exclusive range of premium products. Every step of the process is carried out with precise and stringent quality control standards; ensuring all alpaca fibre products are of the highest class available.

This system, known as the Scotch Method, also allows continual improvement in manufacturing processes ensuring we remain at the forefront of Australian alpaca fibre production and supply. Our profits are continually injected back into the industry to maintain best practice standards and quality control at a consistently high level.

When you purchase our products, rest assured that you’re investing in a superior product which will stand the test of time and is 100% ethically sourced.

Experience this incredible gift of nature for yourself and enjoy the superior comfort and luxury that Alpaca fibre naturally provides.