Crafted For Blissful Sleep


Moisture wicking, provide consistent warmth and a comfortable sleep

*Naturally breathable – warm in winter, cool in summer.

*Lightweight, soft and comfortably warmer than wool

*Non-allergenic, lanolin-free and stays clean longer

*Natural, eco-friendly and sustainable materials

*8 years warranty, longest known within its class

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Research has found that a consistent temperature under the quilt is crucial for a good night’s sleep. The chart on the right shows natural alpaca fibre to be the standout leader in providing effective thermoregulation.

Uneke® Journey

Twenty years ago, Ian and Angela settled amongst the rolling green pastures in country Victoria, Australia; raising their young family and tending to their beloved alpacas, quickly becoming one of Australia’s leading alpaca breeders.

Now, decades later as doting grandparents, Ian and Angela seek to share the luxury of natural alpaca fibre and its multitude of health benefits with the world; an opulence once only enjoyed by the likes of royalty and the elite.

The alpaca fibre is meticulously hand-selected and lovingly crafted to create the deluxe Uneke® Natural fibre quilt or comforter; a truly remarkable gift of nature to mankind.

Video - Our Alpaca Farm

Affordable luxury

Alpaca fibre has long been known as the ‘Fibre of the Gods’ thanks to its naturally silky texture and luxuriant quality. Once only available to the likes of royalty, our Australian alpaca fibre has been expertly crafted to conceive our hero product; the Uneke® Pure Alpaca Quilt or Comforter.

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The finest Australian Alpaca Fibres

Our quilts are created from the finest Australian alpaca fibres, finished with immaculate workmanship and meticulous attention to detail, from the carefully considered stitching to the overall luxury finish; achieving a distinctive quality which is unsurpassed by none.

Australian alpaca fibre is well regarded as the superior alternative to other materials which is traditionally used in quilts. Its unique thermoregulatory properties provide the dual advantage of keeping you warm in winter and cool in summer; ensuring a perfect night’s sleep, time and time again. Due to its natural moisture wicking properties, it’s also ideal for those who suffer from night sweats and fitful sleeps: keeping the body warm, clean and dry.

It’s hypoallergenic, lanolin-free and lasts for long periods of time without the need for regular cleaning. In addition, the naturally breathable alpaca quilt provides and maintains a healthy micro environment which is crucial for long-term health and wellbeing.

alpaca wool quilt


Our alpaca quilts are uniquely designed and developed using only the finest Australian alpaca fibres combined with advanced production technology; allowing for the perfect blend of alpaca fibre and air. This precise combination achieves a supple and light weight covering which promotes a deep and restful slumber every time.

Sleep soundly knowing the quilt has been carefully created using 100% ethically produced Australian alpaca fibres. Our Uneke® all season Quilts come with a 8-year quality guarantee for additional peace of mind.

Adorn your bed with the Uneke® Quilt today and create the blissful sanctuary you and your family deserve for a peaceful night’s sleep, time and time again.

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“It has much better thermal insulation than our woollen one, while at the same time is lighter.”

Alistair and Jade Turner, Australia