Alpaca Fibre is sought after by Giorgio Armani, Loro Piana, Edun, etc. Its “next-to-skin” comfort, thermal insulation, fibre strength, water absorption, wear / wrinkle / stretch resistant and exclusivity are well-known. They are also used in luxury Donna / Duvet, carpet, sock, blanket, gloves, etc. News Alert: Scotch Group have incorporate a Donna / Duvet (Made in Australia) production division. (refer Product photos.)

Scotch provide Alpaca fibre with uniformity in micron, length, colours, cleanliness(low VM and stain), pleasing smell, minimum guard hair / overtight ringlets, etc. This aligned with processors parameters to reduce stoppage, breakage, wastage, cost and time. While increasing yarn / fabric quality, yield, dyeing performance, visual and handle attributes plus an appeal to discerning clients.

How we do that?

By implementing a system with continuous improvement via training and adhering to best Protocol. Not only that, we applied multiple layers of testing, including by AWTA(Australian Wool Testing Authority).

Our stakeholders shall ensure profit can be ploughed back to expand the industry through a platform called Scotch Method.

Alpaca Fibre

  • Scoured / Unscoured
  • Micron: Average 28(common)
  • Other Micron: <18, 18-21, 21-23, 23-25, 22-24, 24-28, > 28
  • Fibre length: 80 to 150 mm(long) / < 80 mm(short).
  • VM(vegetable matter): < 2%
  • Colour: White, Brown, Fawn, Black, Grey, Mixed, Grey Mixed
  • Species: Huacaya / Suri
  • Delivery: Ex-farm gate
  • Packing: 100-135 kgs/Bale(compress)
  • Lead time: 4 weeks*
  • Payment: TT in advance with order
  • Initial offer: 5-10 ton/months(unscoured) or 4-8 tons(scoured) per month*
  • Certification: AWTA(Australian Wool Testing Authority)
  • Sample: 300 grams of each colours. *depend on seasons/stock.

Australian Alpaca Association Member Licensed Exporter