Alpaca Quilt

Winter Months - 500 GSM


Uneke® Quilt – deluxe comfort for the perfect slumber, time and time again.

Why We Love them

  • Breathable fibres – warm in winter, cool in summer
  • Toxic-free and Odour-free
  • Natural, eco-friendly and sustainable materials 
  • Lightweight, soft and comfortably warmer than wool
  • Absorb moisture, provide consistent warmth and a comfortable sleep
  • Non-allergenic, lanolin-free and stays clean longer
  • 5 stars Hotel Quilt Standard
  • 8 years warranty, longest known within its class

    Our pure alpaca quilts are expertly crafted from hand-selected natural fibres to ensure total quality and comfort. Made from genuine alpaca fibres, these luxurious quilts are superior to those made of other materials as they are non-allergenic, lanolin-free and naturally flame resistant.

    Although the 500GSM breathable alpaca quilts are designed specifically for the winter months, the quilts are naturally equipped with thermoregulatory properties, allowing convenient use throughout all seasons.

    These deluxe quilts are also environmentally friendly as they are fully sourced and created from natural, eco-friendly and sustainable materials; ensuring only the finest alpaca quilts are produced.


    Depending upon your climate, room and body temperature.

    350 gsm – Warmer months

    500 gsm – Winter months

    Note: Alpaca fibre is comfortably warmer than wool.


     GSM  Size Australian Size (cm) Asian Size (cm)
    350 Single 140 x 210 150 x 200
    Queen 210 x 210 200 x 230
    King 210 x 240 220 x 240
    500 Single 140 x 210 150 x 200
    Queen 210 x 210 200 x 230
    King 210 x 240 220 x 240


    Dry Clean only